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About SESA Living
SESA Living is the first brand providing anti-allergy functional bedding in Korea that creates eco-friendly and healthy future value.


Brand Introduce

SESA Living, a bedding brand of Welcron, having excellent R&D technical skills ranked no.1 in the world market share in superfine-fiber cleaner.
SESA Living is the first brand providing anti-allergy functional bedding in Korea, that has applied superfine thread (high-density superfine thread)
one hundredth thinner than a hair strand to daily supplies. Since its launch in2011 under the main slogan, "Good Sleeping Science", it has been
working as a coordinator suggesting a healthy and pleasant sleep environment and super-sensitive life style to customers. SESA Living is
communicating with customers through 12 different concepts of bedding line, recreated by "WELLOSH" the differentiated functional material of
SESA Living, "WELLOFILL" the premium filling brand, "H-Style" the simple and sensitive hotel bedding collection, and "Forest Anion" the anion
bedding brand.
SESA Living has secured its position as a high-functional premium bedding brand through continuous research and development on eco-friendly
bedding combined with natural materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, and chitosan, deodorizing action, and anion generation, rather than
being limited to high-density superfine fiber. Furthermore, it continues to challenge itself in order to make "healthy and comfortable sleep environment"
for customers all over the world, beginning with the advancement into the Chinese market.
SESA Living will work for you at all times and continue to practice customer satisfaction in order for everyone to have a good night sleep and to improve
the quality of life by providing a healthy and pleasant bedroom environment.